Karma Bites are the new healthy
way to snack. They are popped
lotus seeds* packed with so much
goodness, taste and beautiful
Karma in every bite.

What are Karma Bites?

Karma Bites are popped seeds of the revered Lotus Flower, treasured for centuries in the East for their nutritious minerals and proteins. Snack on taste, health and immerse yourself in goodness. Plus, they are low in calories.

The Goodness Pillars**

Used in Ayurveda
and Traditional
Chinese Medicine

Rich in protein, phosphorus,
potassium, magnesium,
zinc and iron

Anti-ageing with
astringent properties

Gluten-free, Low Fat and Low GI


Helps treat sleeping
disorders and has
calming effects

*This product is made from seeds of the Euryale Ferox Flower – a water lily. Commonly referred to as Lotus Seeds

**May help aid and health benefits vary as per individual

The Goodness Range

Packed full of healthy nutrition, Karma Bites are Nature’s snack. They have so much goodness in so few calories. A natural flavour for every taste!

Minimum order of £12. Includes free delivery.

Sending Good Karma Your Way

I have snacked on popped Lotus seeds* all my life and at least three of my previous generations have also done so. They are known in the East as having the maximum amount of goodness and nutrition per calorie, perfect for healthy snacking and keeping hunger at bay between meals. Karma Bites are the highest grade Lotus seeds*, popped in a low heat to preserve the goodness and nutrition. They are also part of a worldwide movement to increase positivity and kindness. I believe that good Karma is given from the heart and will enrich the giver as much as the receiver. I hope that you love them, and what they stand for, as much as I do!

Contact Us

We believe that the more good karma in the world the better and the goodness
you give will come back to you some day. We’d love to hear
about how you have experienced this yourself. We will be sharing these
Karmas in a campaign to show that positive views create positive news.
Please send us your stories, we’re all ears!